Am Thursday 28.2.2013 im Fluc:
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Delta Punk pres. LIVE: Sex On The Beach (Post-Rock/Instrumental/A)

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Delta Punk pres. LIVE: Sex On The Beach (Post-Rock/Instrumental/A)

Thursday, 28.2. 21:00 // Club/Konzert

LIVE: Sex On The Beach (Post-Rock/Instrumental/A)

Delta Punk DJs

Blam! Which kind of band would call themselves Sex On The Beach (SOTB)? Wrong answer! This is not just a clueless student combo living their wet dreams. This is a concept band that plays with references, which would only burn others. Established in 2009, this quartet consists of Master T, Buffalo Perfect, Romero III and The Russian, who play two drum kits, two guitars and a synthesizer. Behind the band is Nico Bellic, discoverer and mentor from the very beginning.

After one year of work, they now release their debut album ?POWER? on Noise Appeal Records. Not a single song on this record uses a conventional structure and time after time new surprises gently caress the listener. SOTB took away the noise from noise rock to endow it with more force; gave sterile electronic music some life to make it more savory for long-haired rockers wearing leather jackets. Dull conceptionalism gets what it deserves… ? because it?s not about jagged sketches, it?s much rather about ? POWER.

Their work rests on minimalistic, danceable, robotic and rockistic roots influenced by Krautrock, Heavy Metal, Progpop up to electronic music. Someone listening in closely finds reminiscences in all possible directions, from the front, from behind, sideways. SOTB are danceable, popable, headbangable, immediate ? and humorous. They do not see themselves in a linage of classical tradition, therefore enabling them to use their freedom to blast away all dogmas. Rearranging them in new ways to reconstruct longstanding references in unforeseen directions. Next to a big, fat grin, their faces show the obscene battle cry. POWER? And one simply has to believe them…(Rokko Anal )

1020, Praterstern 5, Wien

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