Am Saturday 1.12.2012 im Grelle Forelle:
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Saturday, 1.12. 23:00 // Club

- Club
Thomas Melchior Live / Melchior Productions LTD / Playhouse / Berlin / DE
Fumiya Tanaka / Perlon / Berlin / DE
Markus Lindner / Stadtpark / Cityfox / Feldkirch / AT
Lampert / Stadtpark / Feldkirch / AT
Dario Loerke / Stadtpark / Essen / DE

- Kitchen
Laminat / Bebop Rodeo / Vienna / AT
Thomas Stieler / Polynon / Saalfeld / DE

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Born in Germany, Thomas Melchior was raised in the USA, Spain and finally England. At school he also started his musical career as composer/singer and keyboardist before moving to London where he soon formed his first Jazzfunk five-piece band (Blipvert Bigtop). Releasing records on his own Label (Earworm) they performed in London warehouses, clubs and pubs.As the years went by Thomas' musical interests shifted towards producing more minimal deep- and tracky style house tunes and after touring the USA as member of Lady Miss Kiers' (Deelite) band this wanderer moved to New York in 1996 familiarizing himself with some of the American house and techno scene before returning to London. Since then he has been producing some of the most seminal works in deep house recently.
Easily Japan's most talented and knowledgeable techno DJ, Fumiya Tanaka brought the sound of minimal, intense techno to Japan during the early '90s, and introduced thousands of club-goers to the best Detroit and German producers via his club nights around Osaka and Tokyo. Born in Kyoto, Tanaka listened to and played in punk bands as a teen, then entered the dance scene in 1990 via house, techno, and hip-hop. He began DJing soon after, and formed Japan's first electronic dance label, Torema Records, in 1993 for his own stripped-down productions.

Eintritt: 10€ bis 00:30 Uhr, danach 12€

Dieses Event war bereits - Zum Heutigen Programm...
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Thursday, 20.9. bis Friday, 20.9. 23:00 - 06:00 // Club

ISILI / Viennoise/ AT
VERONIKA AMIE / Viennoise / AT

LINKED is a new project to support local DJ's. Every second Friday of the month 17 friends, known faces and constant companions of the < Grelle Forelle are gonna link in ever changing teams to bring you the best of their musical worlds.

Eintritt: 5€ < 00:00 > 8 €

1090, Spittelauer Lände 12, Wien

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