Am Wednesday 18.5.2011 im Rhiz:
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Live: Zomes // Kogumaza

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Live: Zomes // Kogumaza

Wednesday, 18.5. 21:00 // Konzert

zomes (us/thrill jockey)
If you ever had the opportunity to see Baltimore’s legendary Lungfish (Dischord), then the chances are that Asa Osborne is your favourite guitarist. ZOMES, his new project, shares much of the same shamanic, transcendental qualities that made Lungfish so hypnotic, whilst at the same time establishes a new and unique sound based on fractured snyths and rumbling pulses. Gently int...roducing fragile melodies into the mesh of cloud drifting drones only for them to evaporate and return in renewed formations, ZOMES plots his way across the frets and keys like a ghostly Terry Riley, free to wander as he pleases and leaving behind an intoxicating scent trail of slow moving electrical current and gentle cirrus wisps of metallic hued harmonics.
“A stunning collection of fragmented loop music, single melodic figures, repeated and layered into trancelike shortform miniature ragas, as shamanistic as his long time partner Daniel Higgs, but taking a much more subdued and kosmische path.” – Aquarius

kogumaza (uk)
Formed in early 2009, Nottingham’s KOGUMAZA are a 2 x guitar + drums trio featuring members of Felix (Kranky), Bob Tilton (Southern) and Savoy Grand (Glitterhouse). United by a desire to break away from impersonal documentation-style presentation, the band have developed an idiosyncratic sound and style that relies on the free and loose manipulation of tones, allowing what is basically a rock trio to expand and willingly lose control of their own sound in order for it to become greater and more beautiful than the sum of its parts. Combining the guitar density of Glenn Branca with the heavy throb of Lungfish and the insistent rhythms of Mo Tucker, KOGUMAZA create a swirling, spiritual murk.

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Dieses Event war bereits - Zum Heutigen Programm...

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Dendritic Shows

Wednesday, 18.5. 22:00 // Konzert


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