Am Friday 10.12.2010 im Szene Wien:
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Hot Pants Road Club

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Hot Pants Road Club

Friday, 10.12. 18:00 // Konzert

the "hot pants road club" is the most powerful funk-orchestra of austria, consisting of 16 musicians which rank among the best muscians of this country.

I just asked them a few days ago if I could support them and today (9th of dez.) they confirmed cause they dig my style - which I'm very proud of!!

I call my new style "beatbox funk-rock":
all "instruments" (except e-guitar) are being created with my voice (for example with beatboxing,...), while using variouse effects to manipulate the sound of it... the sounds I create I record in REALTIME on a loopstation. this way I build up my tracks and create the sound of a whole band only using my voice and an electric guitar..

to watch some videos check:

1110, Hauffgasse 33, Wien

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